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[COVID-19 Response Update]

THANK YOU for your commitment to making sure kids are fed. THANK YOU to our Milford Public School Food Services & Staff. 

Milford Food 2 Kids feeds local children who have little or no food resources during the weekend away from School. We are an initiative of the First United Church of Christ, Milford, in collaboration with the Connecticut Food Bank, The Milford Bank, and in partnership with our Schools and a growing number of Milford's caring community.  

Milford Food 2 Kids strives to alleviate food insecurity among children and youth in our community. Food security impacts the well-being of children: physical, emotional and social health as well as their ability to learn. Since we are passionate about making sure that children have the resources they need to thrive, we have reached out to meet this local need.

We serve over 150 students from 15 schools.  

School system social workers select the students that receive food each week on a degree of need basis. Although the students are anonymous to us we see them as "our kids"! With your help, we are able to purchase food, pack food bags and deliver them to the schools each week where they are discretely distributed to students.  

We should and can and will extend this resource to the kids in Milford for their sakes and for the good of a strong community. 

From the Newsroom

COVID Response Update

Summer 2021
We ended the program year using COVID Protocol to keep our volunteers and those whom we serve as safe as possible. We served 150 kids each week and appreciate the generosity of the community. [ more ]

5 Years & over $110,000 in donations

October 2020 - The Milford Bank 2020 Campaign raised $22,500! 

more ]

Month of Gratitude

November 2020 -- During the month of November, we share our gratitude with so many who have shared with us throughout 2020. Thank you to all who help alleviate food insecurity. Thank you for sharing!  [ more ]

Milford Food 2 Kids Gala Update

Milford Food 2 Kids Inaugural Gala was held in 2019 raising $50,000+ for the sustainability of our mission to feed local school children.

We'll be celebrating once again at our gala on November 4, 2022 at Grassy Hill Country Club. Stay tuned for more details! [ more ]

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